Meet the Our Team

In 2015, Uri Lee founded Xcell Therapeutics, capitalizing on his fifteen years of experience in business development in food, personal care, and health industries. Uri is an expert in business development in the East Asia region, and has led numerous projects to develop and execute strategies for industrial manufacturing, international trade, and commercialization. Before Xcell, Uri had conducted business expansion projects in Korea, Japan, Russia, China, and Thailand, and now with Xcell, he is leveraging his experience in Asian markets and is also looking to expand partnerships and operations to the United States and Europe.

When he founded Xcell, Uri recruited Dr. Sang Gyu Park from the College of Pharmacy at Ajou University to serve as CTO and vice president. Dr. Park is an expert in stem cell isolation and expansion, particularly for stem cells derived from adipose tissue and bone marrow, and he remains with the company as a scientific advisor. CellCor is the company’s flagship formulation for human mesenchymal stem cells, and the team methodically tested 50,000 compounds to identify the ~200 key ingredients that constitute the formula. The team at Xcell has continued to grow, and is developing infrastructure to manufacture chemically-defined media at higher grades and higher quality.

As the team roster grows, new members are adding expertise in pathology, pharmaceutical production, and cross-cultural business development. Dr. Jooyeon Lee joined Xcell as Research Director in 2017. She holds a doctorate in molecular medicine and biopharmaceuticals, with key expertise in finding biomarkers and treatments for musculoskeletal and autoimmune disorders. Mr. Cheonwoo Lee heads the production department, and he arrived at Xcell with fifteen years of prior experience in quality control at Celltrion, LG Life Sciences, and Ajinomoto, which count among the largest and most successful biopharmaceutical companies in Korea and Japan. Diana Jung joined Xcell in 2018 as marketing manager to help the company build an international network of partner firms. Diana previously studied law and has worked in entrepreneurial and corporate environments in sales and project management roles.

In addition to their 28-person strong team, Xcell also benefits from the support and collaboration with other health and biotech firms in South Korea. To this end, Xcell is an accelerating partner with Ignite Innovators, and is looking to build a network of relationships with domestic and international firms that design and deploy novel therapy systems. Through these collaborations, Xcell is looking to have an impact in delivering better therapies to patients in Korea and abroad.