Serum-Free Chemically Defined Media for hMSC


When it comes to choosing the right culture for cell therapy, better is more. If you want better yields, better quality, and better efficiency then CellCor™ is for you. A Serum Free Chemically Defined Media for hMSCs that is both effective and easy to use, CellCor™ ensures higher yields with less inputs, less effort, and even enables cells to maintain stemness and homogeneity though more passages.


Why CellCor™?


Better Yields



You should never have to sacrifice quality for quantity, nor vice versa. With CellCor™, you can increase cell production by up to 4.4x  the rate of FBS-based cultures and simultaneously ensure a higher level of homogeneity over an extended number of passages.


Better Efficiency



CellCor doesn't just increase the quantity and quality of yields. It also improves your entire research process. If you switch from FBS-based media to CellCor, you can reduce the number of media inputs you use in your cultures, the number of vessels and flasks in your lab, and overall required labor time.


Try it for free


CellCor works for many different cell types and in combination with some other types of media. But we know that making sure CellCor™ is right for you and your cells is important. That's why we're offering free trials to companies and researchers to test out our product. If you want to know if CellCor will work for you and your cells, request a free trial now and we'll provide you with everything you need to know.


Better means more