As a serum free chemically defined medium, CellCor™ has zero animal inputs and provides a consistent and controllable environment for cell growth. By maintaining stemness and improving homogeneity through more passages than ever before, your cell cultures get more from your media when you chose CellCor™.

Serum Free Chemically Defined Media for hMSC CellCor Cell Culture Medium

PRODUCT Specifications

  • 500ml

  • 17.23x more cells than FBS-based media by passage 8

  • Approximately 114.35 hours faster PDT than existing media in passage 8

  • Animal derived component free (ADCF)

Why CellCor™?

  • High Yield & High Homogeneity

  • Superior Differentiation

  • Maintains Stemness

  • Improved Efficiency

  • Ready to use


More Efficient

With a faster population doubling times than FBS based media, CellCor™ increases not just the quantity and quality of your yields, but also the overall efficiency of your growth process. In addition to faster doubling times, if you switch from FBS-based media to CellCor™, you can reduce the number of media inputs you use in your cultures, the number of vessels and flasks in your lab, and the overall required labor time.

Population Doubling Time of CDM CellCor

 Better Yields

CellCor™ produces better yields and gets you more high quality cells. With CellCor™, you can produce more homogenous cells over an extended number of passages. This means you can increase cell production by up to 4.4x the rate of FBS-based cultures and simultaneously ensure more reliable results.

Accumulated Cell Number of CDM CellCor

Free Trial

CellCor™ works for many different cell types and in combination with some other types of media. But we know that making sure CellCor™ is right for you and your cells is important. That's why we're offering free trials to companies and researchers to test out our product. If you want to know if CellCor™ will work for you and your cells, request a free trial now and we'll provide you with everything you need to know.